New Tobacco Use/Smoking policy

As a result of a survey of students and employees last year, the College is making some changes to our tobacco use/smoking policy and procedures.  A cross-sectional team of students and employees (smokers and non smokers) reviewed the survey results and met to make recommendations on changes to improve the environment for everyone at the College.  The changes include:

  • Move smoking areas at least 25 - 30 feet away from entrances
  • Move smoking areas away from walkways
  • Add designated smoking gazebos where appropriate
  • Ensure designated smoking areas are attractive and have butt cans
  • Institute and enforce fines for smoking/tobacco use in no-smoking areas ($15) and littering ($15)
  • Update and add smoking/no-smoking signs
  • Ensure that main student gathering spaces are not the smoking area

These changes are being implemented effective Tuesday, February 1, 2011.  Smoking and tobacco use will only be allowed in the designated areas as follows:

  • Main campus, Shaw Center, F.E. Dubose campus, and Kershaw County campus—gazebos
  • Kershaw downtown campus—continue to use existing designated area
  • Health Sciences Center—a portion of the outside patio (away from the main doors) will be designated as a smoking area and a portion will be no-smoking
  • Lee County site—we are hoping to add a gazebo here—continue to use existing designated area until a gazebo is added.

Beginning February 1, 2011 these new policy/procedures will be enforced.  Campus Security will patrol the old and new smoking areas to make sure everyone knows where smoking and tobacco use is allowed, and will issue warnings for a few days before issuing tickets.

Please help the College improve our environment by using the approved smoking/tobacco use areas, and remind others if you see a violation.  You may also report violations to Campus Security.  Thank you.

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Date/Time Published:10/9/2014 2:08