Electrical Maintenance

XWWT 682

This course will provide operators with a general understanding of the electrical systems and components that are common in the water/wastewater industry. Basic troubleshooting techniques will be discussed, as well as, Ohm's Law, transformers, switches, motor control circuits, multimeters and electrical safety.

Days           Dates                   Times          Hours       Price

M          Jun 29, 2015         8:30-3:30        6          $175



Mechanical Maintenance

XWWT 683

This course will cover the mechanical principles and terminology of pumps and pumping systems. Troubleshooting techniques will be discussed, as well as, bearings, seals, belts, power transmission, pump design and shaft alignment.

 Days           Dates               Times          Hours       Price

T           Jun 30, 2015      8:30-3:30        6          $175


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