CCTC Students Honored at Awards Convocation

Central Carolina Technical College held its Thirty-Second Annual Awards Convocation ceremony on Thursday, April 19, 2012.

This ceremony serves to honor students and student organizations who have achieved not only academic success, but who also strived to serve both their school and community. The following is a listing of awards conveyed for both individual students and organizations:

Club President and Club Advisor Recognition
A.C.T.S. (A Calling To Salvation) - Club President, Quinten Kelly; Advisor, Larry Foote
CCTC Chapter of the National Student Nurses Association - Club President, Kevin Hendrix; Advisor, Cathy Mulloy
Creative Arts Society - Club President, Brad Hyde; Advisor, Jason Sprankle
Criminal Justice Association - Club President, Refugio Banuelos; Advisor, Christopher Hall
Natural Resources Management - Club President, Gregory Abrell; Advisors, John Martin and Josh Castleberry
Phenomenal Women - Club President, Katiria Cruz Caban; Advisors, Sonia Blyther and Brenda Choice
Phi Theta Kappa - Club President, Jared Buniel; Advisors, Mark Neil and Stacy Thrall

Club of the Year
Phi Theta Kappa

Who's Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges
Brian Antrobus; Daren Avins; Eric Ball; Refugio Banuelos; Kevin Barkley; Michelle Barkley; Kimberley Bartlette; Amber Belote; Olivia Bethea; Laura Boney; Robin Boulware; Kenneth Bowers; William Boyle; Tamyra Broff; Natalie Brown; Shontai Buchanan; Jared Buniel; Lola Calandra; Billi Catoe; Salley Caughman; Brian Cope; Michael Corbett; Casey Cox; Ashley Dannelly; Brianna Doughty; Jonathan Driggers; Kirby Driggers; Delta Durant; Sara Emory; Lois Fedd; Tammy Fishburne; Michael Fuentes; Candice Fuller; Joshua Geddings; Tara Ginn; Shelley Griffin; Lorene Guest; Lana Hayes; Sharome Henry; Wade Hodge; Nancy Huggins; Dianna Hutto; Ashley Hylton; Alan Johnson; Viveca Johnson; Debra Johnson-Hunter; Jacquelyn Johnson-Moses; Amy Kearnes; Paul King; Phillip Kirby; Stacey Lamson; Richard Lavergne; Jessi Lawrence; Ryanne Lenoir; Traci Lynch; Michael Maggard; Jonathan McClinton; Amy McCusker; Wendy McDonald; Jerquane McDowell-Fulmore; Dashonia McKenzie; Stephanie McLaughlin; Erin McSherry; Heidi Mead; Katina Miller; Libertad Nieves-Chico; Jeremy Nott; Rachel Osborne; Kimberly Pack; Marina Parker; Amy Gilda Personius; Stephanie Ponds; John Ponti; Amanda Robertson; James Rovinski; Jamie Sadlowski; Susan Sanders; Raymond Schrupp; Cody Schuhly; Kayla Sharper; David Sieger; Qanard Singleton; Latise Smalls; Shenika Smiling; Steven Smiling; Veronica Stabler; Michael Stockslager; Michael Strange; Crystal Strickland; Marissa Stukes; Lauren Thornburg; Britne Tisdale; Karen Tolliver; Robert Turner; Mark Uggiano; Kenyetta Vereen; Kimberly Villarreal-Wright; Victoria Weaver; Sarah Whitaker; Ginesta Williams; Leslie Williams; Gary Wingard; and Rhonda Winter

All-State Academic Team
Felicia Permenter and Shelley Griffin

Stephen "Burke" Rice Outstanding Criminal Justice Technology Student Award
Refugio S. Banuelos

Academic Achievement Awards
Amy M. Kearnes - Associate Degree in Accounting
Moneisha R. Junious - Accounting Specialist Certificate
Linda T. Blair - Associate Degree in Human Services
Crystal A. Steele-Pack - Human Services Certificate
Lorene H. Guest - Gerontology Certificate
Nancy B. Huggins - Associate Degree in Management
James G. Rovinski - Associate Degree in Computer Technology
Kimberly C. Shue - Computer Specialist Certificate
Sian Page - End User Support Certificate
Eric M. Pagan - Certificate in Internetworking
Sherry N. Baughman - Associate Degree in Administrative Office Technology
Michelle T. Barkley - Diploma Administative Support
Tanya Y. Williams - Certificate in Information Processing
Refugio S. Banuelos - Associate Degree in Criminal Justice
Kayla A. Sharper - Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies
Sarah E. Tindal - Associate Degree in Early Care and Education
Tamera J. Tweet - Diploma in Early Childhood Development
Azalee B. Brisbon - Certificate in Early Childhood Development
Cathy A. Kovacs - Infant and Toddler Care Certificate
Jeffrey Holley - Associate Degree in Environmental Engineering Technology
James Mark Dotson - Associate Degree in Natural Resources Management
Phillip Dargan Kirby - Associate in Arts
Daniel T. Rabon - Associate Degree in Science
Gloria D. Roquemore - Diploma in Practical Nursing
Brandi M. Fitzpatrick - Associate Degree in Nursing
Kimberly A. Bohr - Certificate in Massage Therapy
Sharon D. Old - Diploma in Medical Assisting
Barbara A. Burnett - Certificate in Medical Record Coding
Karen R. Bryant - Certificate in Phlebotomy
Vickie M. Carlisle - Certificate in Pre-Pharmacy Technician
Brittany S. Dingle - Certificate in Pharmacy Technician
Kenni E. Branham - Diploma in Surgical Technology
Clarence V. Sermons - Automotive Technology Certificate
Donnie L. McLeod - Basic Air Conditioning and Heating Certificate
Bobby E. Tyner - Advanced Air Conditioning and Heating Certificate
Ralph E. Carmean - Associate Degree in Engineering Graphics Technology
Raymond E. Schrupp, III - Associates Degree in General Technology
Raymond E. Schrupp, III - Advanced Mechatronics Technology Certificate
Zackery W. Biggers - Basic Machining and CNC Fundamentals Certificate
Devin D. Wilson - Basic Mechatronics Technology Certifcate
Bradley A. Hansen - Certificate in Welding
Paul A. Sisk, II - Advanced Certificate Pipe Welding

Phares Chatham Award
Zackery W. Biggers

David E. Hickerson Outstanding Industrial and Engineering Technology Student Award
James J. Avins

School Service Award
Jared Buniel

These students reaped the rewards of perseverance and hard work through the awards and recognition they've received, but their communities will reap the rewards of their service and talents for years to come. We at Central Carolina Technical College are proud to have been a small part of their journey forward, and wish them all the best in what comes next for them.

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