Kamil Amis wins Creative Arts Society Scholarship

The Creative Arts Society of Central Carolina Technical College recently named CCTC student Kamil Amis as the winner of the 2011 Creative Writing Scholarship. The scholarship is a $200 award, and the winner is chosen by the quality of submitted work based on a theme. This year, the first for the scholarship, there were 14 entrants. Amis titled his winning poem Creativity is Important in Education in response to this year's theme, "THE IMPORTANCE OF CREATIVITY IN EDUCATION" CAS President Christopher Floyd presented the scholarship check to Amis. In addition to this award, Amis has also recently been invited to be one of the featured performers at the Third Annual Millican Literary Festival, to be held February 18-19 at Patriot Hall in Sumter.

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Date/Time Published:10/9/2014 2:08