Renovations have begun

The College is excited to announce a new Entrance/Parking/Landscaping/M300 renovation.  This project will increase safety, improve vehicular and pedestrian traffic flow, and change the face of our campus (see image here) by improving the entrances on Miller Road and Guignard Drive, adding a loop road and parking around building M300, upgrading and relocating the crosswalk to building M600, renovating parking lots and exterior lighting, renovating landscaping, and adding two new plaza gathering (see image here) spaces for students and employees (including a fountain).  In addition, an enclosed connector will be built between buildings M100 and M300, and the exterior of M300 will be renovated to update the look of the building (see image here).

This project will begin the week of March 28 and be completed in October or November of this year.  As you might imagine, this project will not be without some inconveniences.  By Wednesday, March 30, the contractor should have the fencing in place to block off construction areas (see image here).  The areas that will be blocked off and not available for driving or parking include:  the driveway and visitor parking off of Miller Road in front of building M300, the main entrance off of Guignard Drive in front of M500, all of the faculty/staff parking in that area up to the first section of parking in front of building M400 (up to the first median.)  Eventually a portion of the student parking off of Miller Drive in front of building M100 will also be closed off, but that will occur at later date.

Vehicles will need to enter the campus from Stoddard Drive on the M400 side, or from Miller Road. Temporary signs will be in place to help direct people to the open driveways. 

The Student Services Staff will be moving from building M300 to room M401 on Thursday, March 31 and Friday, April 1, and will be temporarily located there for the duration of the project.

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Date/Time Published:10/9/2014 2:08