Short Schools

Short Schools are intensive training sessions designed as a comprehensive overview for operators of water and wastewater treatment facilities who are preparing for the state certification exam. State "Standards of Performance" for operators are used as the topical outline for each Short School and the Sacramento Manuals are used as reference texts. Students will have direct communication with a SC Environmental Training Center instructor to help answer questions. Tuition includes book. The following short school courses are available online.

40 hour Short Schools ($450)

  • A & B Biological Wastewater    
  • C & D Biological Wastewater     
  • A & B PC Wastewater              
  • C & D PC Wastewater                
  • A & B Water Treatment               
  • C, D & E Water Treatment        

21 hour Short Schools ($375)    

  • A & B Water Distribution            
  • C & D Water Distribution            


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