All students enrolling in Early Care and Education programs must meet the following requirements:
 Furnish information and fees (approximately $90) for background checks and toxicology screenings conducted through   Verified Credentials.
    Social Security Report (address locator)
    Criminal background check for places of residence for prior seven (7) years
      Check of the Sexual/Violent Offender Registry
      Check of any other registry or records required by law, accrediting agency or specific facility.
  Note: Any discrepancy on a criminal background check or toxicology screening may disqualify a student
  from the program.
 Furnish a copy of a current physical exam on the Early Care and Education Department form.
 Purchase and maintain professional liability insurance with the College (approximately $5 annually).
 Purchase and maintain the school-provided uniform as required by program.
 Provide or arrange own transportation to laboratory sites.
 Furnish equipment as required for specific courses.
 Maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA
 Earn a minimum of C in early childhood courses. Students may retake a course only once to earn the minimum grade of C.

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Date/Time Published:5/29/2015 2:18