Criminal Justice Technology and Paralegal Programs

This section includes Paralegal and Criminal Justice Technology.

The Criminal Justice Technology Department exists to train students to develop an understanding of the causes and the prevention of crime, impacts of human behavior, the legal system, and the organization and conduct of criminal justice functions. The curriculum provides essential knowledge of the functions and prevalent problems of criminal justice agencies and the organizational, legal, and social context within which they operate. The program meets the needs of in-service students who seek to improve their professional qualifications and of those students who are preparing for employment with criminal justice agencies.

The Paralegal program is designed to provide students with a general education that includes oral and written communications, computational skills, and an awareness and knowledge of the humanities and social sciences; knowledge of the roles and functions of a lawyer, the roles and functions of the paralegal, and law practice methods in a variety of settings in which paralegals work; an understanding of the court system and the process of civil and criminal litigation; substantive knowledge in different areas of law practice; an understanding of the rules of professional conduct governing lawyers and paralegals and a thorough knowledge of ethical and professional conduct; provide law office management skills which include computer, legal research, and client interviewing skills, and to ensure Paralegal program stays current with the needs of the paralegal community. The program also seeks to prepare students with knowledge and procedures for conducting legal research and preparing legal documents in a minimum of three areas of law practice.

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