Associate in Arts and Associate in Science General Information

The University Transfer Programs are specifically designed for a student whose goal is a baccalaureate degree. The Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees enable the student to complete the first two years of college or university work in an affordable, flexible, close-to-home environment conducive to success.

University Transfer courses are designed to be accepted at South Carolina public four-year colleges and universities. Some private institutions and out-of-state colleges and universities also accept course work.

Students should, with the assistance of an academic advisor at Central Carolina Technical College, plan their academic programs to meet the requirements of the college or university to which they desire to transfer. It is strongly recommended that students consult the college/university to which they plan to transfer to ensure that courses taken at Central Carolina meet the senior institution's requirements for the desired four-year degree.

Students must earn a minimum course grade of "C" in each transfer course in order for it to transfer, unless otherwise specified by the receiving institution.

Students who relocate may request the degree completion option by making application for a "Home Contract". Criteria for approval will include the completion of 25 percent of required curriculum courses in residency from Central Carolina Technical College. A one-year completion rate will be imposed. Students should see their advisor who will collaborate with the Registrar.

Any student admitted to this program must have evidence of a high school diploma from an accredited high school or equivalent (official high school transcript or GED certificate).

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Date/Time Published:5/27/2015 17:03